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Jim Smith's Thoughts About Soldering Training, Certification, Reliability and Efficiency


James Allen (Jim) Smith, PhD ABD, has been involved with electronics manufacturing for more than 50 years and is the creator of Science of Soldering©. He founded Electronics Manufacturing Sciences in 1981 to teach electronics manufacturers how to achieve perfect soldering without touchup or rework. Many now-standard industry practices were developed by him.

For more than a decade, Jim wrote the monthly "Unconventional Wisdom" column in Assembly Magazine. He continues to contribute to Assembly regularly.

Together with Frank B. Whitehall, Jim's is the author of Optimizing Quality in Electronics Assembly: A Heretical Approach (McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing, New York, 1996). His articles about electronics manufacturing, economics, management and many other topics have appeared in more than 90 publications around the world.

In addition to teaching Science of Soldering© to clients around the world, Jim remains active in process development, troubleshooting and failure analysis.


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