What is Science of Soldering©?

Science of Soldering© provides high reliability soldering education/training and certification for operators, engineers and managers.

How is Science of Soldering© different from other solder training?

Science of Soldering© is the only course that actually teaches how to solder. Other courses show pictures of acceptable solder connections but do not teach the steps needed to achieve those results. Those courses teach how to find defects while Science of Soldering© teaches how to eliminate defects.

Science of Soldering© emphasizes hands-on learning while the A–610 and J–STD–001 emphasis is on reading and memorizing.

Science of Soldering© teaches high reliability acceptance requirements but does so in the context of the procedures needed to meet the requirements. Also, courses like A–610 and J–STD–001  include requirements for every imaginable component and every type of business from defense electronics to toys, so students drown in needless information. Science of Soldering©, on the other hand, focuses entirely on the components used by you and the requirements for your business.

What benefits can we expect from Science of Soldering©?

It depends on how much Science of Soldering© you use. Even the most basic (operators only) implementation:

  • Eliminates hand soldering and repair defects
  • Eliminates rejections and rework of reliable connections
  • Increases test yields
  • Eliminates field failures and warranty claims
  • Eliminates wasteful, costly process steps and increase efficiency
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Improves communication between operators and managers
  • Eliminates the need for costly experiments to discover the causes of defects
  • Creates more satisfied, capable employees

In addition to the benefits above,
Science of Soldering© Engineering education:

  • Eliminates machine soldering defects
  • Improves designs for easier manufacturability
  • Increases test yields
  • Improves reliability criteria
  • Enhances collection and use of meaningful data
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Reduces, shortens and makes meetings more productive
  • Improves communication with and satisfaction of customers
  • Reduces use of consumables from electricity to solvents

Does Science of Soldering© include certification?

Yes. Science of Soldering© certification is recognized and respected by many of the leading global names in high reliability electronics manufacturing and the U.S. government. We can also certify competency in most industry standards.

Where are classes held?

All classes are held at your offices on your schedule. We provide all the tools, equipment, and exercise materials. You only provide the meeting room, a TV or video projector and a surface we can write on (usually a whiteboard or flip chart).

How long do classes last?

Operator/technician classes typically last between 1.5 and two days, depending on the nature of your products. Review of industry standards is included in the course but certification to those standards requires additional time.

Engineering classes also take between 1.5 and two days, generally followed by time on the production floor evaluating processes and implementing improvements.

If we use Science of Soldering©, can we still use
J-STD-001 or A-610 standard?

Science of Soldering© does not replace standards. It provides the knowledge and skills to consistently exceed the most rigorous soldering standards regardless of the issuing body. So, most of our clients use standards such as A–610 and J–STD–001 and your customers probably expect that you will, too. However, we will make your use of those standards easier and more effective.

 A-610 and J-STD-001 are very big, complex documents that are not easy to use. We'll help you understand what parts of the standards are right for you and make those parts easy to use. Above all, we teach how to use the standards to improve processes and eliminate defects rather than just finding defects.

How Much Assistance Do You Want?

Every company has unique wants and needs. Our job is to tailor our services to those wants and needs.

For some clients, the best fit is simply training of operators and technicians (with or without certification).

Other clients want more including education of engineers, process development and hands–on process troubleshooting.

Whatever your needs and interests, we will customize the program to be exactly what you want and need.

Science of Soldering© Pays For Itself

Other training won't help you increase reliability and efficiency. Science of Soldering© does.

Even if all you want is operator training, you will get much more than you expect. During classes, students' comments and questions allow us to identify ways to improve your product reliability, increase efficiency, or replace expensive materials with inexpensive ones that will perform equally well or better. And, since Electronics Manufacturing Sciences does not sell tools or materials, you can be assured that our recommendations are based solely on what is best for you.

Science of Soldering© classes typically pay for themselves very quickly through process improvements and other cost reductions. And you will enjoy those savings year after year. Other training is just expense; Science of Soldering© is a profitable investment.

Solutions to Fit Every Company, Big or Small

No project is too small or too big. Our job is to help small companies be as successful as giant multinationals. Many of the world's largest companies began using Science of Soldering© when they were startups — and have remained our clients. We will design a solution that meets your needs.

We Come to You Anywhere in the World

We come to you no matter where you are in the world. Our clients are located in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.