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Process engineers are expected to be soldering masters — but where do they learn the science? Not in university; soldering is not taught in engineering programs.

There has never been another way for engineers to learn the soldering process in a unified, easy to understand, scientific manner. So engineers have been forced to turn to suppliers and trade shows. But the supplier's goal is to make sales of tools or consumables, not to provide robust education, while trade show seminars focus on one or two of the many topics that make up soldering and do so without context.

How can the engineer work effectively when there is so little help available? The answer is Science of Soldering© for Engineers. Science of Soldering© for Engineers provides the essential unified, easy to understand, scientific package. And, as with all Science of Soldering©, it provides the knowledge in an extremely efficient manner so students learn much more in much less time.

Perfect for All Engineers

Process engineers are not the only engineers who benefit from Science of Soldering©. In fact, knowledgeable process engineers on their own can't optimize reliability and efficiency.

Design engineers need to understand how layout and component selection affect final assembly. Quality engineers need to know what to measure, where and how. Supplier quality engineers need to know the process so they can properly evaluate supplier competence. Soldering is a system. Success is very hard until all groups within the system share the knowledge and speak the same technical language.

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Learn Everything in Just Two Days

In less than two days at your office, your engineers will learn everything they need to know about how to set up and manage all forms of soldering processes.

How is it possible to accomplish so much in such a short time? Some of the keys are:

  • We build from the ground up, starting with the fundamentals — such as the all–important wetting forces — that determine the outcomes of every type of soldering from hand to machine. Armed with that knowledge, it is easy to learn the special features of each type of machine.
  • Our unique soldering "recipe" that puts the critical knowledge in a logical step–by–step template
  • Our exclusive out–of–control hands–on process problem solved by teamwork and application of the soldering recipe
  • Freedom from jargon; we simplify the language and make communication more effective
  • EMS Reliability Criteria includes the most likely causes of each defect
  • Much more than theory — the workshop culminates in shop floor application of the lessons to process improvements
  • EMS teachers have decades of hands–on experience solving every imaginable soldering issue We specialize in making engineers' lives easier and productive.

The curriculum is customizable. We typically modify the final curriculum to address the client's specific needs and interests. Let us create a curriculum for you.