Lead-Free Solder Implementation

Switching from traditional leaded solder to the newer lead-free varieties can be a nightmare. But it doesn't need to be. We've been setting up lead-free systems worldwide for almost 15 years. For straightforward and painless lead-free implementation, give us a call.

Process  and Troubleshooting

Whether taking a new look at existing production or setting up new production, our guidance will save money and grief. We'll help you choose the tools, equipment, and materials that give the highest reliability at the lowest cost.

We have decades of experience in all the mainstream approaches (wave soldering, surface mount reflow, selective soldering, vapor phase and hand soldering) and have developed unique processes for unique products. More than 30 years ago, we implemented the first no-clean flux processes in automotive and telecom electronics.

Unlike equipment manufacturers or chemical suppliers, we're completely independent, so every recommendation is based solely on what will give you the best product at the lowest cost.

Failure Analysis

When failures occur during new product validation or in field returns, you need root cause solutions fast. But the causes are often mysterious. Before you run up massive laboratory bills, talk to us. We can usually identify where to focus, preventing unnecessary laboratory tests.

Supplier Management

Sometimes it makes more sense to hire a contract manufacturer rather than producing in-house. But it's essential to understand that your company name is on the product no matter who performs the actual production. Simply turning over manufacturing responsibility and hoping the contractor will deliver reliable product often leads to disaster. You must have thorough in-house knowledge of the manufacturing processes and maintain vigilant supervision of the supplier. We can provide you with the process knowledge and systems that ensure your supplier won't let you down.

No Matter What the Soldering Problem, We Can Help

We offer much more than training and certification. We are experts in wave soldering, selective soldering, surface mount reflow and quality systems. Whether you need process troubleshooting, selecting equipment and chemicals, or setting up completely new production operations, we can help.

For more than 35 years, Electronics Manufacturing Sciences has been helping electronics manufacturers achieve reliability and efficiency they never believed possible. Isn't it time you found out what we can do for you?


You provide warranties for your products. If your product doesn't work, you refund the purchase price.

We believe services should also be guaranteed. So, our services come with a very simple guarantee — if you are not completely satisfied, you pay absolutely nothing. (We've offered this guarantee for more than 35 years and no client has ever asked not to pay. You will get far more than you expect at economical pricing that will make you very happy.)

We Specialize in High Reliability Electronics: Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, and Telecom






In recent years, consumer electronics companies have begun producing higher reliability electronics. That does not always work out well, either for the supplier or for the customer.

Medical, automotive, telecom, aerospace and defense electronics have much higher standards than those for most other markets. The standards are higher because the consequences of failures are vastly greater.

We have a long record - more than 36 years - of increasing reliability (and reducing costs) of automotive, defense, aerospace, telecom, and medical electronics.

But Every Product Should be High Reliability

You may not make products for the so-called "hi rel" industries but that doesn't mean your product shouldn't have high reliability. No matter what you make, we can show you how to make it more reliable.

Highest Reliability is Essential But So Is Lowest Cost

High reliability doesn't require higher costs — and higher costs do not guarantee higher reliability. Reliability goes down as the amount of handling (and cost) increases.

Science of Soldering© ensures you will achieve highest reliability AND lowest costs. Nothing else compares with the results you will experience with Science of Soldering©.

For more information about how Science of Soldering© can make your products truly high rel and lower cost, please use this form or call Jim Smith at 727–866-6502 for more information.