Soldering irons operate at 300F° or more above the temperature that damages internal bonds of modern components like I.C.s., changes the value of resistors and delaminates capacitors Improper use of soldering irons is today's number one cause of electronics systems failures. (For more information, go here.)

Many companies needlessly buy expensive constant temperature irons costing hundreds of dollars. Others waste engineering time calibrating iron temperatures. Neither approach prevents heat damage. An improperly used constant temperature iron causes just as much damage as an improperly used iron with erratic temperature.

We developed a simple, easy, foolproof technique that keeps component temperature below 500° even with an iron temperature of 800°. (No, we don't recommend using 800° irons for most purposes. But a technique that works for an 800° iron works just as well at normal iron temperatures.)

Our technique works with any soldering iron, requires no additional tools or materials and takes no more time than the technique used by your operators now. And only Science of Soldering© teaches this critical technique.

Give your operators this knowledge and your failure rate will plummet.

Help Your Operators Do Better

Many companies believe that A–610 and J–STD–001 certifications equip their operators to perform better. More often than not, the memorization-based training only convinces operators that appearance is everything. It persuades  operators that touchup and rework are okay. It certainly doesn't help them solder more reliably or become more efficient.

Knowing the characteristics of reliable soldering is essential but so is knowing how to achieve that reliability. That's why your operators need Science of Soldering©.

Know How to Achieve Perfect Reliability

Many people think that Class 3 requirements are hard to achieve. They aren't — provided the operator knows the process science.

Science of Soldering© ensures that your people not only know the objective — they know how to get there.