Soldering is the heart of electronics manufacturing. Inspection, touchup, rework and failures exist only because of defective soldering. Those costs have put many companies out of business and driven the migration of electronics manufacturing to cheap labor countries.

Most companies spend great amounts of time and money on solder training. But the rework and failures continue despite those huge investments. Why? Because they're buying the wrong kind of training. Their training consists of memorizing pictures of acceptable connections without providing the process knowledge needed to make those connections.

Why settle for expensive A-610 and J-STD-001 training that takes employees away from work for up to a week without making them more productive or increasing product reliability?

More than 35 years ago, we created the hands-on program that provides the essential process knowledge required to ensure perfect soldering. Instead of days spent memorizing pictures of solder connections, our students  learn through experiments, demonstrations, and troubleshooting process problems along with thorough videos, discussions and workbook exercises.

And, because many people have limited formal education, the course for operators and technicians is understandable regardless of education (or native language) while engineering classes are more detailed.

Soldering is Science

Soldering is a science not an art, so we call the course Science of Soldering©. Using hands-on experiments, demonstrations, process troubleshooting exercises and videos, the curriculum provides thorough explanations of the forces that determine soldering outcomes, including:

  • The differences between soldering and gluing
  • Why most "soldering" was actually a type of welding and why it matters
  • Intermetallics
  • Wetting and wetting forces
  • Oxides, oxidation and deoxidation
  • Solderability
  • Flux
  • Surface cleanliness
  • Solders
  • Heat


Are You Getting the Most for Your

Training and Certification Investment?

Training is an investment. You need the highest return on that investment. And no other training comes close to delivering as much as Science of Soldering©. Science of Soldering© actually pays for itself – and keeps on paying over and over.

We teach about wetting forces, solderability and solderability management, properties of fluxes and much more critical information not found in other courses. While other courses emphasize finding and reworking defects, Science of Soldering© teaches the corrective actions that ensure defects are not repeated.

Science of Soldering© will increase your

company's reliability and efficiency.


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Science of Soldering© is filled with hands-on soldering exercises using the component types found in your products, demonstrations, and process problem trouble-shooting accompanied by thorough audio-visual presentations and class discussions. A-610 training, on the other hand, is entirely memorization.

J-STD-001 and A-610 define three classes of product (which can be categorized as low reliability, medium reliability and high reliability). And they insist that their students memorize the requirements for all three classes. But most companies only have one class (or, occasionally, two) for all their products. So why confuse students with details they will never need? Science of Soldering© focuses on your specific requirements.

Science of Soldering© classes include evaluation of your existing processes and recommendations for changes in procedures and materials that will greatly increase your efficiency and product reliability. A-610 and J-STD-001 don't.

The cost of training includes wages while your employees are not producing. Science of Soldering© teaches more in less time. Your employees will be back on the job faster and working much more effectively thanks to their new knowledge and skills.